Open OS Draft


Woohoo! Co-creation for the win. Welcome to the team.

There are some clear Design Principles that underly our thinking behind the OS and the way we present it. Be sure to check them out before jumping in.

Our main collaboration spaces are


A branch is a concept from git which just means a copy of the book. The core workflow of git is to make changes in their own branches and merge them together when they are done. You can access the branches with the branches dropdown in the top right corner of the Gitbook editor.

Master (final version)

The master branch is stable which contains final, print ready copy. Never edit it directly and always make changes in other branches. When content is ready to go live we use a formal process for merging changes into master.

The content from the master branch is viewable at

Draft (small changes)

The draft branch is a free for all editing environment for the next release. Feel free to make any small changes you like in the draft branch. Try not to leave incomplete work in here as it may hold up a release.

You can think of this branch as the place for release candidates. Its content is visible at

Your Branch (big changes)

If you are working on substantial changes make your own feature branch with a descriptive name. Its worth posting up in slack to let other folks know what you're working on to avoid duplication.

When you are ready to get feedback create a pull request on Github for merging your branch into draft. If you haven't made a pull request before feel free to ask one of the other authors to pair with you on it.


Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you need help with anything